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    The Blend & Grind Back Story!


    Blend & Grind was founded in early 2017 by Jonny Rees; a keen athlete, fitness & health enthusiast. Initially establishing his Smoothie concept, Blended in late 2015; the successful start-up quickly evolved into a trendy Speciality Coffee & Smoothie Bar through it's first location at 1 Princes Terrace, Mid-Levels.
    Over the past couple of years, with the help of General Manager and Operations Specialist Bernie Reeves, Blend & Grind has become a staple not just for the Mid-Levels community; for tourists and hikers who stop for a refreshing coffee, smoothie or brunch on their way up or down from The Peak.

    The Blend & Grind boys have maintained their passion of creating and delivering high quality products in Hong Kong and moved into the Wan Chai neighbourhood of Star St Precinct in June 2019. First opening a corner Cafe at 1 Sun Street; they launched a new concept of Brunch & Cocktails. Enhanced through its trendy location; the cafe offers customers a feel of a southern hemisphere-styled brunch alongside an extensive cocktail, wine and beer menu, perfect for the after-work Happy Hour drinks. It has quickly built a reputation on Hong Kong Island for its Espresso Martini's, served five different ways.

    Around the same time also saw the expansion into their Corporate offerings through the opening of Blend & Grind Cafe in 28 Hennessy Road. The cafe predominately focuses on corporate catering and servicing office workers, looking to get their morning coffee fix. The cafe is perfect for secluded meetings and offers a fresh light brunch menu, along with an extensive bagel menu from sister company R&R Bagels.

    The Blend & Grind Team look forward to welcoming you to one of our stores soon!


    Development of the Blend & Grind Bean


    Over the course of our 4-year journey, the experienced team of baristas at Blend & Grind have spent countless hours developing three unique blends that represent the brand and its origin. Based off the original Smoothie concept, it was important to have a bean that enhanced a fruitful flavour that can flow and develop on the outstanding performance of the original bean of 'Cornerstone', roasted by Rubix Coffee.


    B&G 'White Edition' - specifically targeted towards all milk coffee drinkers with a two-blend bean origin from Ethiopia & Brazil. It is a full bodied and light to medium roast.

    Tasting notes: Starfruit | Lime | Caramel


    B&G 'Black Edition' - specifically targeted towards all espresso coffee drinkers with a three-blend bean origin from Ethiopia, Brazil & Kenya. It is a full bodied and a medium to dark roast.

    Tasting Notes: Cherry | Nuts | Sugarcane | Chocolate


    Our Current Single Origin is from Columbia (origin is changed every 3 months)


    All beans are freshly roasted by our Roasting Partner, 'Rubix' in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong.



    Fresh full cream & skim milk from 'O'Lait' from
    Victoria, Australia.


    With a strong demand for an alternative to dairy and customers ever-changing lifestyles & allergies, we also stock the following alternatives:


    Oat (Oatly)

    Soy (Bonsoy)

    Almond (Milk Lab)

    Coconut (Milk Lab)


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